RBMA Alumni Mix / by Debbie Chia

Was asked to do an alumni mix for RBMA and of course I said yes. I know there has been some controversy surrounding the brand, but I thought about all the good times I've had, opportunities I've been given and friends I've made through this initiative and I still wanted to be grateful for that.

It's only going to be online for 30 days, after that in the spirit of transience and ephemerality, i'll let this one go into the ether.

Here's the tracklist:

  1. Ben Cohen – Time Is Destiny
    Sounds Benefit
  2. Objekt – Theme From Q
  3. DJ Normal 4 – Pyramides In Accordance                                                                      
    Brothers From Different Mothers
  4. Unknown DJ – Basstronic
    Techno Kut
  5. Jason Fine – Jack Yo Bodda
  6. DJ Jes – Deep Sensation
  7. Tuff City Kids – Breacher
    Ostgut Ton
  8. The Pilotwings – Congo Libre
    Brothers From Different Mothers
  9. H Foundation – Sol Searchin’
    Soma Quality
  10. Fantastic Man – Acid Martin
  11. Jonathan Kusuma – Blob
  12. Rhythim Is Rhythim – Emanon
  13. Blake Baxter – Minimal Freak
  14. T.B Arthur – Second Thoughts
  15. Kenny Larkin – Groove