Dream Machine with Deadbeat in London / by Debbie Chia

Organising my 2nd event in London at the lovely brilliant corners in Dalston. It's tough orchestrating things from afar in Berlin, but with the kindness from friends, it seems to be setting off on a good foot. Featuring Scott, aka Deadbeat, who will be playing an ambient vinyl-only set on an audiophile Klipsch soundsystem. Hoping for repeats, so please support if you can!

Mon 27 March 2017
@brilliant corners
470 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AE, UK

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*Please choose 7pm or 9pm seating upon checkout*

No door sales, only pre-tickets. Please print out a confirmation email for the door.

Take a psychedelic trip into your innerworld on a healing and rejuvenating Monday evening. Ambient music meets light meditation at brilliant corners.

Under flickering light pulsating at specially programmed frequencies, participants are bathed in a cocoon of light & sound imbued with the intention to heal and recharge. Through closed eyelids, you will experience a personal "visible” frequency entrainment of rich colours and geometric patterns, providing a fully immersive experience for deep consciousness exploration. 

A special vinyl-only ambient set by Deadbeat on brilliant corners' audiophile Klipsch soundsystem will paint a vast sonic field for various states of wandering.

* Deep relaxation, release and meditation
* Reduce anxiety, stress
* Calm hyperactivity, increasing focus and concentration
* Balance the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental body
* Sleep improvement, aid for insomnia
* Creative visualisation
* Lucid dreaming
* Remove subconscious blockages for healing

Deadbeat is one Scott Monteith, an adopted Montrealer who has been releasing his own special blend of dub laden, minimal electronics since 2000 for labels such as Cynosure, Intr_version, Revolver, and Scape. 

Deadbeat has performed at some of the world's most respected festivals, including Barcelona's Sonar, Berlin's Transmediale, and Montreal's own Mutek. Whether crafting quirky, not-quite-dancefloor techno, or rumbling digital dub, Scott continually strives to create music that honors the past beyond empty tribute or cultural appropriation, by infusing the digital tools of the present with a little of the magic known as human imperfection. 


“An awesome journey of light through the innermost recesses of the mind! Initially intense, and mind-blowingly like being on a personal rollercoaster, but refreshing and leaves one feeling surprisingly focused and clear after the session.”
– Ken

"It was amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. In the evening I just felt peace and forgiveness towards people I was still angry at. I was not expecting that at all."
– Elda

"I just took part in this amazing experiment in sound and light. Was very trippy and feel afterwards very relaxed. The trippy lights in my head were so intense and clear, totally amazing experience."
– Tony

People who are not advised to attend this session:
* Are epileptic
* Are light sensitive
* Have history of epilepsy or seizures
* Have a history of severe anxiety or other psychosis

Hosted by: www.lichtherapieberlin.com in collaboration with Midnight Shift
Email enquiries: dc@2re2.com