Oslated Mix Episode 19 - Debbie Chia / by Debbie Chia

Did a mix for the really nice people from Oslated out of South Korea, putting together some favs of the moment, forthcoming releases on Midnight Shift and my fav dance track of all time...Rhythim is Rhythim The Dance...✌️ please check it out!

DJ Phlowgod - Black Roses

Blunted Boy Wonder - Whiplash
L/F/D/M - Silver Grain (forthcoming on Midnight Shift)
Fx Mchn - Unkool
Jonathan Kusuma - Red Vox
MadderModes - Dirty Jungle Love
Ford Foster - Decisions (Mike Dunn’s M.A.M Instr. MixX) (forthcoming on Midnight Shift)
Dez Williams - Abandoned Emotions
Credit 00 - Voodoo Soup
Dez Williams - Drakonia
Egyptrixx - Water
Ford Foster - Hold It In
Seixlack - MiniFolia
L/F/D/M - Spirit
John Heckle - Alpha Deux
Rhythim is Rhythim - The Dance
Iron Curtis - Never Give Up (The Chant)